Manufacturing : dress-up, shape, ennoble …

Since 1935, The Manufacture d’Histoires Deux-Ponts is specialized in manufacturing creative. It is the only French printing house who consolidates all skills and know-how of the graphic chain in its workshops: creation, photogravure, retouching, printing techniques (offset, offset UV, screen printing, typography, digital, …), the set and pinout of the binding, many finishing techniques ( gilding, hot curved, edged, cutting, embossing, …)



The shipping is the packaging and the preparation of the finished products. Shipping means the send of the finishing printings (case packing, filming, and sorting by destination...) Documents are treated with the utmost care, for a quick shipment to their recipients.

- Customized packing
- Mixing documents
- Expertise International shipping
- National and international Geolocation


The routing is the beginning of the communication. It’s after the print, the shaping and the finishing. It’s put under film or envelop, mailings, magazines or catalogs. Ensuring the optimization of the unit delivery, the routing offers a better responsiveness and the removing of a transport stage.

- Put under BB300 envelop
- Feeders HD inkjet
- Polybagging B3000
- Expertise files
- Postal Expertise



The logistics is the attention to detail, the insurance of the optimal management of the combination « quantities, time, and cost ». The logistics processes the request taking into account all parameters that contribute to the success of routing and shipping, ensuring a quality and reliable service.

- Dispatching
- Inventory Management
- Sending finished products
- Multi -addressing

Paper manufacturing

The paper manufacturing is the custom work. The custom made for a manual finishing. These are the hand that, thoroughly and patiently, fold, glue, forged, assemble, finish brochures, flyer and boxes.

- Binding Wire'O
- Sewing Singer and schoolgirl
- Manual finishing of the delicate folding, inserting and bonding
- Put tape under
- Perforation and installation CD

La papeterie
La Reliure cartonnée


The binding is the guarantor of the structure, the maintaining but also the document aesthetic. Printed on paper, canvas or others, and pasted on cardboard, the binding allows the document to protect its inside pages. The document does not degrades over time, and is convenient to handle.

- Binding Chain with installing guard, gauze, center serving and fitting
- Laminating
- Couverturière, gilding press, press to printing and gilding on installment


The shaping, is the finishing work allowing the document to be inserted in a consistent, attractive and fun presentation. The shaping gives to printings their final form.

- Automated Cutting Systems
- Folder and folder / gluer
- 3 saddle stitchers
- Collecting- A3-32 posts
- Gatherer - stitcher
- 3 pin chains

Le Façonnage
Le Spécifique


The specific, is the ability to differentiate your document with a range of wide and varied possibilities. The specific permits to give at your printing a personal touch, and to affix your whole universe.

- Marking- embossing
- Cutting - creasing
- Hot- Cutting
- Laser cutting
- Gilt Edge
- Coating
- Printing Edge
- Gilding curved


Considered as offset, the UV offset is a process that allows printing on many surfaces: paper, cardboard, plastic, pvc, canvas, specific surfaces….the difference with traditional offset is thin (UV specific ink, intermediate dryers) but yet the fact to polymerize the ink, and to dry immediately, allows us to realize documents without comparison with others known techniques, opening possibilities for several innovations. The UV offset technology offers an unlimited choice of surfaces with a very high quality and color matches, as well as an innovation capacity and an unlimited differentiation.

- Press 6 UV colors + varnish ( 72x102 cm)
- Printing with inks cured by Ultra Violet dryers
- Lenticular printing, pvc, polypro, textiles, creating paper and on film-coated

L'offset UV
L'offset traditionnel

Traditional offset

The traditional offset is a printing process said flat, the printing and no-printing being on the same plane. Traditional offset denotes the antagonism between the water and the ink to achieve the postponement of the parties inked on paper: the ink is positioned on the parts of the plate which were not previously wet. This process permits a repulsion of the ink, and therefore a precise printer form with a reversible process.

Traditional printing made of
- 8 colors (72x102 cm),
- 6 colors + varnish (72x102 cm),
- 5 colors + varnish (75x105 cm),
- 4 colors + varnish (75x105 cm),
- 2 colors (32x45 cm).

Screen printing

The screen printing, is to sublime and ennoble. Print varnishes selective, colored, transparent, fluorescents or glitter, so many possibilities to reveal your works. Guarantees of a strong ink deposit, the screen printing offers an intense and lasting impression.

Print silk screens for selective varnish, colorful, transparent, fluorescent, glitter, colored ...

La sérigraphie


With the web-to-print, files are transmitted via a secure personal interface forming a products library that can be reprinted on demand.

Digital printing

The digital printing is customization. It’s to print and shape in small series and desire with a quality similar to the offset. Reprint on demand or personalized campaign, the digital printing offers flexibility and efficiency for adaptable and scalable solutions.

- A five-color HP Indigo 7000 press
- A saddle stitcher
- A chain of cutting - creasing
- Chains pasted square back
- A MITAMAX binding for opening flat
- Customize catalogs or mailing for CRM
- Digital Finishing Workshop
- A laminator

L'impression numérique
Le laboratoire de recherche

Research Lab

The research lab, is the prototype realization, the number 0. Documents are realized at first on white tabletop, to determine the technical level required, and to visualize the appearance on paper. The research lab determines the optimal conditions to print and shape, advises, suggests and work to optimize your document, combining practicality and beauty.

- Model in white
- Test Print
- Shaping


The prepress, is « the first thing ». Before taking creations still virtual to a concrete object. The prepress receives, verifies, validates, prepares and imposes the necessary file to digital printing, screen printing, offset UV or traditional of quality. Guarantor of good definition of the point and of the frame, the prepress, via its CTP (Computer to Plate), converts the file into as many plates as necessary colors to traditional printing.

- Chain certified PDFX-Ready, consistent with UGRA and FOGRA uses
- File transfers via FTP with private area deposition
- Ready to print laser proofs, chroma tests conform to the ISO 12647-7 standard and tracer imposed
- Two CTP (computer to plate) converting the files in aluminum plates for offset machines

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